Blatant overtly stylised take on being old and privileged.

Setup design become content more than content itself. 

The soft conflicts of the two main characters add a layer comic puffiness to the tone of the film. They might have “shared” a girl while young, but maybe not. One wrote a musical masterpiece, but won’t conduct it anymore because of demented wife in asylum. One was prime film director, not so the case with his latest work, hence death penalty by way of jump out the window. (made me think of Ida, and her aunt Wanda’s suicide)

The “Simple Song” played in the end is a good representation of the tone of the whole film, a kitschy, glam, superficial but nevertheless tasty definition of grace.

Old, not quite retired creative guys that made it in life cry too, whaddya say about that.

Mădălina Ghenea was surprisingly good in both her times on screen.