I’m a person people call Bogdan Stamatin.

I’m 36, a male, born in a region called Romania, 
living in a region called France,
in a deal with a girl called Mélody. 
Her é works.

I studied a discipline called Journalism. I earned a living by taking pictures of things happening in front of me for around 6 years.

I watch a film per day. 

Their playfulness fills me with joy. 

I was 20 the first time I understood I was seeing a film. 

It was Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut, I picked it from a dealer’s catalogue, he burnt it for me on a blank 700 mb CD; my computer’s hard drive was 20gb.

I watched it until the CD broke to pieces. 

I got it.

It had Sex and Death painted all over. Laugh and dance all you want, there’s not much more to it.

I studied a discipline called Production Design, in a city called Copenhagen. I studied a discipline named Film & Video Communication in a city named Ahmedabad.

I’m planning a film festival in a small town called Câmpulung Moldovenesc. Don’t have a name for it yet.

I’m writing a script for a film that I wish to direct.

At first, I named it The Cave. Then it was The TunnelThe GoldmineWholeUp, Down, Right, Left and now Up, Down then Right and Left

Mélody was selected at the Cannes Film Festival with her graduation film named Ailleurs. We’re grasping to understand what this will mean. We’ll be there in May. Her name is on an official document, in the company of a man named Spielberg. 

Tonight we’ll go see a film called Kaili Blues by a guy named Bi Gan, in a cinema called Lux. I’ll write about it later, keeps me from forgetting. 

The price of the ticket is 4 euros, which is less than in a cinema called Victoria, from a city called Bârlad, in nowhere Romania. My father tried to see the Son of Saul there and succeeded after the fourth try, when there happened to be 2 more spectators besides him and so the screening would run.

RAN, Akira Kurosawa’s take on King Lear, is not a form of past tense but a word in Japanese meaning, as IMDB puts it, “chaos” or “revolt.”

Witness the film’s shadow, put a name on it. 

“To explain life, it’s easier to tell the story of a film” says a person people call Pedro Almodovar.

Be it you, me, the cave, the tunnel, the goldmine, the whole, chaos, revolt or fuck, please.