Kim Ki-Duk’s Moebius was a film with no dialogue, for pure stylistic pleasure. 

The Tribe is a film with no dialogue. For a reason. Their character’s are youth living in an institutionalised deaf/dumb centre. 

The effect is similar in both movies. For lack of a better metaphor, the characters’ silence is deafening, more disturbing than any loud cry could ever be, and quickly gives way, in both films, to a wave of unstoppable violence. Love, sex is in both cases the spark lightning the fire.

  • The Tribe uses the same stylistic visual language of Elephant , long steady-cam shots, following teenagers on their constant, restless movements
  • Can I say the films proposes a post-romanian-new-wave realism breathing an ante-2000s, fresh out of communism air
  • Everything breaths raw violence, even more the love/sex scenes, although aesthetically pleasing.
  • Powerful emotional scenes (the two girlfriends quarrel furiously in sign language)
  • Cannes Critic’s Week Grand Prize 2014