A deadpan comedy bordering on the absurd, Take Care of Your Scarf, Tatiana is another painting of the ‘90 Aki Kaurismäki period. The great Matti Pellonpää, a director’s favourite as it seems, stars as a greedy auto-mechanic, with a passion for rock’n’roll leather jackets. He’s gobbling bottles of vodka like water.  He has a friend, a 40 year old tailor living with his mother, with a voracious appetite for coffee. They go for a spin in their old Lada and along the way accept in taking two ladies, an Estonian and a Russian, to the port, for a boat-ride that’s supposed to be urgent. The urgency disappears as times stretches, turning hours into days. It seems as if romantic feelings being creeping up between the four. Nothing really happens and the characters don’t have much to say to each other. They drink instead. Vodka and coffee.