I wasn’t exposed to the ‘90s wave of Disney features. This one’s the first from the lot I see. At first, I’m all smart about it, I think it’s propaganda, it must be, I’m looking for coded messages. But in half an hour I find myself rooting for the guys. I mean, she’s nice, the guy deserves a chance, the bad guy’s Trump material, so fuck yeah, love should win. But do these morality re/enforcement tools actually work? I’d love to read a study that reflects the difference between children being exposed to Disney films (and the way this affects their transformation into an adult in terms of values, world views) as opposed to children who didn’t have Walt for breakfast. Are the baddies really turned to goodies while watching this as kids? Are there actually baddies and goodies out-there? Or just us, too many mice on a too little a boat. This is a Post Trump-elect Blues post.