The End of Time  is the accidental perfect watch for this 1st day of 2018. I feel hypnotised and dazed. It went berserk on my senses, especially after a strong New Year’s hangover. I felt it fits in a niche of cinematic poetry and “ecstatic truth”, one left unvisited by Herzog. (because of his testosterone, belonging to a different cultural time, or just different way of asking questions) The Herzog vein is strong with this one, nevertheless

“In the beginning there were no names.” Clouds roll over hills. It feels as a sequel to Fata Morgana. The subject is time. The questions are painted rather then asked. The interviewees are most often heard and overlapped. We visit CERN and watch perpendicular shots of its round shaped accelerator. Later these are overlapped to mandalas, a simple trick which knocked me over.

“That is the meaning of time for me, it’s the meaning that we are” says a scientist.

“In many languages time and weather is the same word” says another.

We visit the lone inhabitant of a house trapped in the middle of a lava, again an echo of Herzog’s La Soufriere

We stroll through Detroit’s abandoned neighbourhoods.

We go to a funeral in India.

Somebody says that “everything we touch is based on the previous death of beings”.

“We are the univers looking at itself” says a scientist from the observatory in Hawai. 

Long takes of everyday random things posses after Mettler’s editing an immense mysterious quality. 5 stars.

P.S. Tool fans, you’ll love this.