First time I saw Uncle Boonmee’s meetings with the beings from the otherworld I was in a hostel in Barcelona, watching the film on my laptop, with my sister. We were sharing a room with a single bed, in the attic of an old building, two rather not so young siblings, with no clear idea of the where whats and whys of this world. She fell asleep, and at some point, me too. Or did we? Have we finished the watching the film to its end? I remember it was raining outside, end of October, I remember the beings with red eyes.

Some days ago I re-watched it and fell into the same sticky jungle fever dream. I was on the couch with Melody, she fell asleep, she went to bed, I stayed, the movie ended, I turned off the TV and by next morning the film’s action has evaporated, all over again. There’s a big hip swing in film form present in Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives  and it feels like a bliss.