Rester Vertical is a film that shines bright in my memory cave. It’s full of idiosyncrasies, it shifts between realism and pure crazy, it’s overtly explicit in some of its cause/effect relations, it’s opaque and mysterious in other. 

- follows the story of somebody who seems to be a screenwriter, drifting through countryside France;

- we see a vagina, we see a penis, we see a baby getting born. in this order, that directly and explicitly;

- this is compensated by the character’s mysterious lack of reason behind his actions. He seems driven just by sexual energy - he stops his car by the side of the road and clumsily tries to seduce a young man. Who seems like the lover of an older man living near by. 

- our man has a purpose nevertheless, which he states plainly when bumping into a lady-shepherd, guarding a flock of sheep, on a hill one day: to see wild wolves. Which is exactly what the lady is there to protect from. They have a baby together in no time.

- the cast is incredible, you could stare for hours at the landscape of expressivity that the faces in this film brings.

- poetic and captivating.

- in the end, the wolves surround him, but he’s finally equipped to deal with them.