These days I’m in Annecy, attending the Animation Film Festival. It looks like Annecy is a Swiss city, only in France. Eatable architecture, drinkable water canals, 2300m snowy mountain peak. It’s been raining for the whole week.

Nuts! is a mixed media (animation+footage+stills) documentary film whose simple premise is very clever. It is a biopic based on the self-published biography of an American doctor, inventor, radio broadcaster, in one word, a crook, who made a name for himself after offering a most ridiculous treatment for male impotence - no more or less than a transplant of goat testicles. 

The film has rhythm in its first act but brings in the blues for the rest of it, as it looses grip on the story once it leaves the facts from the autobiography and focuses on the trial that brought the crook to his knees.  

The animation parts are rough and tiring at times. Still a good independent effort, which, according to its producers, took eight (8) years to complete.