Lonely are the Brave has an interesting piece of trivia on imdb. 

It reads: 

Kirk Douglas intended to call the film “The Last Cowboy” but was overruled by the studio. Screenwriter Dalton Trumbo gave his final version of the screenplay the title “The Last Hero”.

The film has a most beautiful end of the world feeling surrounding it. It reads like the last western story that ever happened. It’s centred around the same old archetype: the drifter. Only it’s the drifter’s last days. We meet him riding a horse he loves - named Whiskey, and soon enough, in the film’s first few minutes we’re presented with the most touching inciting incident. We’re in the 1960, and our cowboy must cross a highway, on horseback. Later, the narrative evolves into the film’s main story - Douglas’s character escapes from jail (where he got in just on purpose, just to meet and convince an old buddy to run away with him) and he’s being hunted by the cops, making use of helicopters, along the ridge of a rocky mountain. He escapes, only to…

Boy, I love this film.