A personal favourite of the past years, Holy Motors blends postmodernist form & style with a story line surreal and tragic enough to reflect all of our contemporary anxiety. Except perhaps for our new world war 3 vibe, which was in brewing at the time, and whose absence, after my fourth viewing of the film, made a microscopic dent in what was otherwise a full ✮✮✮✮✮ film. 

There’s a heartbreaking sense of egocentrism captured here, of “me first” in watching the chameleonic character of Denis Lavant (French Klaus Kinski) go through his ordeals. It reflects our own ideas regarding our own exceptionalism and its cost. 

Not much else to say, I’m way behind on my reviewing, which should focus on rapid-fire-quick-reaction not this sort of bleak aftertaste probing. Plus the bloody Government got me hooked back on FB after almost 7 years of going clean. Excuses galore!