Love debuts with a good apartment-size conflict. A young guy wakes up to his accidental life, woman and kid. We hear his thoughts. He usually lets them out between the frames of a door. He’s trapped. His head and heart is still with the ex. The mother of his kid is 17 (Europe is great! says the American young man when he finds out the number), the kid is the result of a broken condom. Well how about that. Film then continues to move into the ‘what the hell went wrong / how did we get here direction, a choice which sucks away (wink, right?) from the juice presented by the initial conflict. 

  • “The Eye-blink cut” from Enter the Void is the law making tool all over the film. And what an incredibly powerful tool it is. It cuts a conversation between two characters with a black one second blink just like a breath, a thought, a sigh. Like an emotional inner beat. Per-fect!
  • Sex scenes are gorgeous, it feels as if there’s no end to imagining how a sex scene can look on camera. The threesome of faces kissing is smashing.
  • writing directly on this blog and not on a notebook as usual is wrong and uninspiring. Internet is this horde of giant ants munching on my balance.