The creature ET is the personification of childhood. ET is childhood visiting life for a moment flying away into the stars, taking with it all that’s ever been simple about existence. Melodramatic conclusions I love you!

Can’t decide if John Williams’ contribution to film history is positive or nay. His scores have in fact limited to an immense extent the way people (westerners) perceive and relate to human values! Truth, courage, love have a musical track thanks to Williams, and it’s a sort of beautifully crafted cheesy uplift tune. 

The real puppet still works better than the Gollum puppet, which speaks about how we interpret screen illusions. Gollum doesn’t work because it looks real and we know that his existence is impossible. ET puppet works because it looks fake, and this falls into harmony with our knowledge that he is fake, and with these aligned, we can gladly suspend our disbelief. 

Nobody does pop-childhood better than Spielberg.

Drew Barrymore is (was) the archetype of the “baby girl”.