Double Indemnity is a film noir, a murder mystery packing all the genre’s delightful conventions. The crime, the damsel, the plotting, the sneaking, the key lightning, the hiding, the fear of getting caught, the gun, the end! 

The man works in insurance, the woman is tired of her husband’s lack of attention. He’s attracted to her, she uses his methodical planning. They murder without any emotion, a perfect crime. If not for the man’s elder colleague who has a “little man” inside of him, that doesn’t let him sleep at night when a case feels cooked. The end is baffling to a degree. The man escapes the charms and wants out. He kills the woman after taking the gun from her hand. Doesn’t run away, but he confesses to the older colleague. Still! The charm, the camera, the blocking, the cold sexual confrontation! Lovely.