Depardieu is the Mammuth in question, both in resemblance - long hair, gigantic belly; and at the moment in his life - freshly retired and purposeless he embarks on a quest to find papers from the odd work places of his youth to add to his official papers.

Super 8 camera gives it a grit feeling, almost Danish Dogma in style, but highly contrasted by the goofy silliness (?) of the film’s tone and the great diversity of the characters’ caricatured personas: Mammuth’s caring and slightly dumb wife, his retarded but artsy and finally exceptional niece, his cousin (together with who he indulges in a heart-melting reciprocated masturbatory session), his former employers, his former lover dead in a bike crash Isabelle Adjani all covered in blood.

Low budgets, amateur extras, enthusiast directing creates a beautiful free cinema, or at least I’m dying to believe that.