Films trying to bring about change on the environmental front suffer from a BAD-BAD-BAD-BUT WE CAN STILL DO GOOD pattern that, in my opinion, dooms their effect from the start. “Demain” / “Tomorrow” is no different, except maybe that it goes about a BAD-BUT HEY LOOK AT ALL THESE AMAZING EXAMPLES OF GOOD scheme, as it tries, just like the others before it, to scratch on humanity’s awareness on the issues. Yes, the examples are great: the coming together of communities, the 21 pound bill that one English town issued, the recycling. 

It’s still not enough. We need to be bombarded with the naked, bleak, frightening truth. Plus an unending wave of “Demain”-like films: good old fashioned propaganda. (That don’t cost 300+ euros to screen publicly, like this one.)