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wrap-day after shooting a new short movie,

introducing Marie Liebhardt and Sascha Chutho Lundberg

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The gentleman holding his nephew in the middle of this picture is Mr. Bo Emrik Pepke, our Production Design teacher. Mr. Bo is the archetypal scholar, whose knowledge, wisdom and goodness make you feel human, blessed and safe. He receives applauses at the end of his lectures. 

He’s a hero in one of our soon to come episodes from the Season no 4.

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As Danish as it gets, 
emerging film director Mr Theis Mølstrøm Christensen shares a laugh with me and Bertan, the producers of The Important Videoshow, after being filmed for the second episode of the upcoming Season no 4. 
Stay tuned as we’re steadily getting there!

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Always a twister of laughs and rapidly battered eyelashes, the wonderful mademoiselle Marie Liebhardt, star of the future episode 4 of the new season, salutes the viewers of The Important Videoshow, alongside the everpresent skippers Bertan and Bogdan.

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