Cat People, directed by Paul Schrader of Taxi Driver fame, is a film whose silliness stands tall. Accept it with all its limbs running askew and you’re in for a treat. Be a serious, humourless ass like I am and you’ll ruin it by trying to find meaning or logic. Here is a film who has at its premise a different race of humans, who appeared when their ancestors sacrificed their virgins to menacing black panthers, which used them for sex, (yes) rather than a more common lunch. Some thousands of years later, the last two remnants of the race, a gorgeous  Nastassja Kinski and wide-eyed Malcolm McDowell, are brothers. Every time they try to have sex, because of all the locomotion they literally turn into a black panther and kill their partner. So the only way to live with it is to go for the incest. Except Kinski’s character falls for the zoo keeper, again, literally.