Breaking News, a post-New Wave Romanian Cinema effort directed by Iulia Rugină, follows the story of one TV reporter who’s cameraman gets crushed to death during a live-event. Pushed by guilt and some at least awkward journalism standards from the part of his employees, our man has to do a story on his dead colleague and to transmit live from the funeral. Yes.

And, as if it’s not quirky enough, our man decides that the best way to make a meaningful TV show on his colleague is to contact the dead man’s teenage hormonally-infested daughter and work a meaningful relationship in front of our eyes. The arc of the story becomes clear. The daughter is wild & uncontrollable & hates her dead father for being an absent asshole -» the daughter accepts father was actually a nice guy and decides to talk for the camera. 

The film shows its director trying to make the cross into the social realism from her previous lighthearted films. Which despite all faults is commendable. The final frame is the film’s best.