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Nu las ziua să treacă fără să o menționez și pe ea, bunica Anna Florea, născută astăzi, la 18 mai 1923, la Cernăuți - plecată la Domnul în 2015. Poloneză get-beget, născută Kolodzjiejczyk.Coincidența realist-magică face ca tocmai astăzi, de ziua ei, după două alte tentative de-a lungul anilor, să reușim să obținem o finanțare și de la statul român aka Centrul National al Cinematografiei / Romanian Film Centre pentru proiectul - filmul documentar de animație intitulat PUR ȘI SIMPLU DIVIN - care spune povestea de dragoste dintre ea și un soldat, întâmplată pe când avea 17 ani și locuia în satul Vama. Cam pe când a fost făcută și fotografia de mai jos.Mulțumesc alături de Mélody lui Mihai Mitrică (Mitrix) de la Safe Frame și Animest pentru încrederea pe care-o are în proiect. Mulțumim și producătorului nostru Marc Faye de la Novanima Productions, Paris care alături de coproducătorii de la Studio_amopix, Strasbourg sunt fericiți că, într-un final, filmul va fi unul franco-român. Bunica, pup

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The Breadwinner – Nora Twomey – 2017

An animation feature film, The Breadwinner is a story set in Afghanistan, land of the endless war, based on a strong “what if” premise: what if a teenage girl cuts her hair and poses for a boy in order to care for her strung family. Story design then follows a classic happy-end drama pattern, a thing visible after first 10 minutes, which, in my opinion, makes the whole thing predictable, drab, a sort of an animation B-movie. The characters feel taken from the bank of universal cliches and feel used as story pawns. So, even though I admit the difference between what feels and what is, I’m still inclined to end the argument with the fact that cinema appeals to perceptions - the land of endless feeling.

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Your Name, Makoto Shinkai, 2016

Here it is, the animation film to make you feel old and obsolete beyond recycling. Your Name is a racing experience from top to bottom, a charge of intense visual and aural elements (of the “never before seen” caliber - made in Japan style).

On top of the sensorial rush, lies the actual story, that for the most part needs a hand map to follow.

We’re following two teenagers who:

- dream of each other;

- literally swap between each other’s bodies;

- love each other obsessively;

- are part of a planetary event where parts of a comet (yep) come crashing on Japan;

- time travel IN DIFFERENT moment while body swapping.

Confusing as it is, the film delivers pleasure - you giggle at its insane details and colours.

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Ma Vie de Courgette, Claude Barras, 2016

Stop motion stuff. Courgette is a gloomy little orphan (who accidentally killed his alcoholic mother). He lives in an orphanage now, together with other gloomy orphans. They all turn out to be very good kids, even the bad kid. Courgette falls for a newly arrived orphan girl. All kids go for a winter break in the mountains. Their caretakers are good people, a couple, expecting a child. Problems appear when an evil aunt comes around. They get solved.

What’s special about it then? It has a great tone, a tender, humanistic expression. It’s delicate. Simple. Direct. The hardest things, right?

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Beauty and the Beast, 1991

I wasn’t exposed to the ‘90s wave of Disney features. This one’s the first from the lot I see. At first, I’m all smart about it, I think it’s propaganda, it must be, I’m looking for coded messages. But in half an hour I find myself rooting for the guys. I mean, she’s nice, the guy deserves a chance, the bad guy’s Trump material, so fuck yeah, love should win. But do these morality re/enforcement tools actually work? I’d love to read a study that reflects the difference between children being exposed to Disney films (and the way this affects their transformation into an adult in terms of values, world views) as opposed to children who didn’t have Walt for breakfast. Are the baddies really turned to goodies while watching this as kids? Are there actually baddies and goodies out-there? Or just us, too many mice on a too little a boat. This is a Post Trump-elect Blues post.


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