First time I’ve seen Adieu au Langage it was in 2015, in Paris, in a small cinema near Jardin du Luxembourg. It was the 3D version. I didn’t get anything, it was delicately frustrating, but I nevertheless defended the man’s right to his shit.

Second time was while preparing for a two day seminar at the local Lux Scene Nationale cinema, which gathered around a lively panel of people speaking ONLY about this film. Psychologists, researchers, historians, Phd. students. And  JLG’s recent cinematographer, Fabrice Aragno, one hell of a sweet guy.

The conclusion, after two days of debates is:

There’s no terminology in film analysis available to us to analyse JLG’s proposal, and probably that’s the point. Because all that the man is trying to say is that language is just a recent invention and the fact that we call a thing, a thing, is irrelevant. 

Otherwise, in the film we still have a man, we still have a woman, they still discuss, they fight, they mix with other men and women. The link between everything is played by JLG’s own dog, Roxy.

Godard’s 42nd feature film and 121st film or video project, according to Wiki. 
Godard turned 86 this year. Long may he reign.