Labeled on IMDB under Drama & Sci-Fi, Jupiter’s Moon’s uniqueness springs from the Hungarian cultural space into which it was born. What this means is that on top of its story (Syrian refugee gets shot while crossing the Hungarian border but only to gain the power of flying) you get layers of grim realism, corruption, and the good ol’ East European greed and opportunism. Exceptional long takes and strong acting is a bonus. Good Time (2017) is a gem, small in scope and big in ambition. Relentlessly dynamic, the film feels like the rightful heir to American small-time crime movies in the vein of Scorsese’s Mean Streets. Realism flies high in 120 battements par minute as well, a French film based on the true story of the HIV related social activism of the early ‘90s. Graceful and heartbreaking at times, opportunistic in squeezing every drop of sorrow for it’s climatic point.
Year’s coming to an end, and I gotta speed up these past late reactions to make them in synch with present day rush feelings.