Andrea Arnold, the director of American Honey (2016), places her bets on characters embodied by young women struggling at the beginning of their adult life: Fish Tank, as well as the brilliant 2003 short Wasp are proof to this. A road movie following the journey of a van full of newspaper-selling hustlers, their aimless motion as they push from day to day. Cartel Land, a documentary telling the drug traffic stories on the line of the US/Mexico border, unravels in a Shakespearian fashion how a Mexican doctor’s fight against the drug cartels ends up putting him in prison. Aquarius, a Brazilian/French coproduction, is a dense and artful portrait of a 65 year old music critic fighting agains a real estate developer’s plan to evict her from her apartment. A true joy to experience the elegant and subtle choices made by its director, Kleber Mendonça Filho, in drawing up this free spirited, dignified character.