Okja (2017) is a XXI century kid-animal relationship story. It’s novelty comes from a reversal of the roles: the kid is village raised and stands up for a long gone world model, while the animal is genetically modified and primed for being snacked. Extra icing - it comes from South Korea. Vixen! (1968) is part of a least known sub-genre from around the ‘70s, called the “sexploitation film”. Sleazy-sexy at the time, silly-funny nowadays, they are great tools for any anthropology student. Watch it hereForest Gump (1994), American storytelling at its best, still fresh and captivating 25 years from its making, emphasising again and again the importance of the screenwriting. Baby Driver (2017) is a character-driven car chaser, where speed is not anymore reserved for the tough-guy but for the slightly autistic sweet young adult.