Back with another one of these catch-ups. Leaving for France next week, gotta have everything tip-top. 4 screenshots that tell it like it is. A Street Cat Named Bob is a film that made even my cat-priestess-mom yawn in agony. Terrible acting and script, based on an otherwise fine true story: homeless guy enrols cat for his street act and gets back on feet. Suicide Squad, juicy as it was sold to be - hyper-individualised heroes bring their different from the other heroes’ idiosyncrasies to humanity’s rescue - is death on the senses, by the end of it bringing blindness to the watcher. Finding Dory is a premise film that works your laughter abs (what if a short term memory fish goes on an adventure through the ocean to find his parents). Les Intouchables is classic film-making, surprising in its ambition (it’s French and sells optimism) with a conflict driven by opposing a white paraplegic rich aristocrat with a black foulmouthed caretaker from the hood.