1939. A soldier follows a woman. Their love story begins.
Two years later, the woman becomes a refugee, the soldier is called to the battlefield and their love story dissolves in the War.

2014. During a long interview, the woman remembers her past. The secrets from a forgotten time are revealed for the last time.

What remains from a love story after three quarters of a century and a World War?


2022 - CNC, Bucharest / Production aid
2019 - SCAM, Paris / "Brouillon d’un rêve" Documentary Grant
2019 - CNC, Paris / Development aid
2019 - Region Nouvelle Aquitaine / Production aid
2019 - Pitchs Rennes / Official Selection
2019 - Muzeul Județean Ialomița, Slobozia / Partnership
2018 - NEF Animation, Fontevraud Abbey / International artist residency program
2016 - CNC, Paris / Writing aid 

Making of:

“Simply Divine” is an experimental short animation film based on a true story. Its main character is Anna Florea, the protagonist of a unique love affair and the grandmother of one of us, authors of this project. The story unfolds in three time periods, the 1940s', the 1980s' and the current time.


Since 2019, the project is produced by Novanima, Paris and co-produced by Amopix, Strasbourg and Safe Frame, Bucharest. Production is complete and the film is turning in the festival circuit. 

Using still photography from the "Costică Acsinte Archive" and painting, the film tries to document the space between actual events and their recollection, in an interview, 75 years later, offering a poetical interpretation on the process human memory undertakes when deciding upon what’s to be kept and what’s to be forgotten from a personal love story.



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