The Wood Art Museum

Câmpulung Moldovenesc

Since 2021, I'm managing the only museum in Romania dedicated to wood art and wood civilisation. Founded in 1936! 

I took over the museum right after its complete renovation - basically an empty building! My main task was to imagine and implement a whole new permanent exhibition, in tune with modern principles of experience design and with a user-centric aproach, all while creating a new discourse, rebranding this respectable almost century-old institution in order to appeal to a broader spectrum of visitors. 


Founded in 1936, The Woodart Museum of Câmpulung Moldovenesc (Muzeul Arta Lemnului - MAL) is hosting an exceptional ethnographic collection of more than 15 thousand wood objects.


I became its manager in February 2021, right after an EU funding of almost 3 million Euros were invested into the rehabilitation of the building.


Since the reopening we have welcomed more than 50k visitors for whom we have opened 27 exhibitions and created 50+ events.


I oversee a small team of 9 people, managing everything from the cultural program to marketing & comm, from bugets to HR.

And here's some events and exhibitions that I'm really proud of:

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