I'MPORTANT is a neverending quest to find the answer to a simple straight-up question: "what is important?". It features the same group of people, interviewed every 10 years answering it, and tries to document how time altered their stance and worldview.  The "first chapter" of the show aired between 2011 and 2014 and totaled 83 episodes, featuring people from Romania, USA, The Netherlands, Finland, Italy, Spain, Mexico, Ireland, UK, France, Australia, Denmark, Poland,Lithuania, Hungary, Germany, Iceland, India and Sweden. Ranging from 14 to 91 years old.
The show’s second chapter restarted in 2021, featuring the exact same people, filmed ten years away from their previous appearence. They are presented with a slightly different question: “what is (still) important?” 

The question is strenghened by the fact that at the end of the show’s first part, in 2015, all the interviews have been made unavailable from the internet, in an effort to distance both the participants from their younger selfs and their previous answers. The second chapter episodes include the participants’ reaction to the first viewing of their old interview in 10 years. 

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Many good people contributed to its making. Alex Bălă scored the wonderful music. Márton Borzák and Mélody Boulissière created graphics and logos, while Bertan Cómert and Gourab Ganguli joined as associate producers. Monica Jitariuc helped as an associate producer in 2022, while Alexandru Rotariu created an editing template. 

In august 2012, the project was exhibited at the Aiurart Gallery in Bucharest.

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