The Red Turtle is the story of man’s life, from birth to death, hidden in this tender tale of a cast-away, on a desert island. He is born, emerging from a stormy primordial sea, he has a lifelong illusion - a red turtle metamorphosing into a woman, family goes through one big turmoil - a tsunami wave, he has a child that leaves, he dies. The illusion along with him. 

  • strength is in the balance of story elements. Time and again, the simple things are actually the most complex;
  • seen in the presence of its author, 50 year old+ Mr Dudok de Wit, - his debut! feature film, a man who could talk for hours and still keep it relevant
  • lightness and sobriety in perfect dose
  • no dialogues
  • proof that universal themes (the castaway in this case / man against nature) can be reinterpreted endlessly and still feel fresh