So does the world spin. 50 years into his career, Werner Herzog finally receives his “From legendary director…” introduction in a film’s trailer. And Netflix payed the cash, which is an indicator that maybe, finally, Mr. Herzog gets his fair share of the pie and that his, for lack of a better word, legacy, is connected to the future. 

Into the Inferno is Herzog’s 3rd film made in 2016! Can you believe it, the man is on fire! This explains maybe the reason for why we can’t see him throughout the film in person, but only through voice over commentary. This is my sole grudge with this piece. As with all his docs, they have become part about the subject itself, part about WH, or rather his way of seeing the subject. Which, as always is different that yours and mine.

So, here’s a doc about volcanos. What you get is:

  • gorgeous flyby footage of raging volcanos over a soundtrack of Russian choir;
  • an anthropological visit to the islands of Vanuatu, tribes, mythologies;
  • usual apocalyptical WH reflections on the loneliness and insignificance of human beings;
  • a Christian church in Indonesia, in the shape of a chicken (inside which a soap opera was shot);
  • a visit to Ethiopia where we meet a crazy-impassioned scientist scraping for pre-historic human remains;
  • a visit to Island and some reflections on the poetic Eddas;
  • the strangest visit to North Korea, a people that believes that it was formed in a volcano;
  • the exploration of an island-cult worshipping the American GI John Frum, who is to return to bring good things to the island tribe;