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CFF3 aftermovie

Job done, around 3000 people attended all 11 events (screenings, exhibitions, parties). Onward to some of that good old quick and emotional film reviewing.

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On leave, for CFF3 related business

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Into the Night – John Landis – 1985

Funny business memory is. I don’t remember anything fromthe plot inside Into the Night. Maybe because I remember too much of its outside: 

- seen it at the 74th Venice Film Festival aka Mostra Internazionale D’arte Cinematografica on the island of Lido

- amazed to see how accessible and welcoming to public the festival was. Unlike Cannes, you can just buy your way in the cinema - 5euros got me in for this one. Unlike anywhere probably, coffee’s 1 euro / spritz’s 3. 

- bonus gift: John Landis, the director (The Blues Brothers being his most famed) introduced the film, reminiscing about how he cast the unknowns at the time Michelle Pfeiffer and Jeff Goldblum


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