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One of those days

The vast majority of all days in the life of the small-town filmmaker, actually. We lost a funding today, for which hopes were at an all time high. This one would have shifted the project into production, after 4 years of development. We ran against 16 other projects, out of which at least two were feature films (the ones to win top 2 spots), and came out at no 6.

There's talk of a new call later in the year, for which we can compete again. In a couple of days, new hopes will spring once more. Until then, it's one of those days.

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Father Lucian

Here's a bonus picture of the great Cristian Fierbințeanu, took earlier in March in Bucharest. The man's a great artist and the lead figure in my upcoming short "The Unreal Afternoon of Father Lucian".

Pictured here upon hearing the news the I added a spoon of sugar in his coffee.

Yes, he's THAT bitter.

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Ten Years After

Of course I was in a band once.

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Bilet de iertare – a film by Alina Șerban

I say this in all humbleness: I'm so forever grateful to Alina Șerban for including me in her latest project, the short film "Letter of Forgiveness", as an actor of all things. The amazing part: I even got to say a line.

The film tells the story of Dinca, a young Roma slave in XIX century Walachia and Alina both directed and stared in the film as Dinca's mother.

Out (hopefully very) soon.

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Quelque chose de divin

Oh, life! Oh, the life of a resident! Oh, the life of a NEF Animation resident at the Abbaye de Fontevraud for a whole month! Story is that together with Melody Boulissiere, I’ve been developing an animated documentary short called “Something Divine” following a love story, set in the WW2, between an 18 year old young lady and a soldier, back in Romania. And we’re here to take it further.

In 2016 we won a CNC Paris aid for developing.

It’s gonna be a mix of glass plate old photographs and painting. 

It’s a love story, so we’ll make it juicy.

The name in Romanian is “Pur și simplu divin”, the one in French is “Quelque chose de divin”.

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Closing time

The two year spin of emotional reactions on film, published on Tumblr, comes to  a halt now. I started it in April 2016 at a desk, in a public library, in Bourg-le-Valence, France. Now I’m at a desk, in an animation film residence, in Fontevraud, France. 

I’ll keep this space to publish personal acts of artistic bravery, so as not to go gentle and so on. 

Good news never stops though. For anyone interested in the rushed reactions, the shop is forever moving on my Letterboxd account, a place of communion and love for film. Get over and be my friend!

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Asta-i. Acum ori niciodată. Mâine, marți-trei-ceasuri-rele, începem filmările, iar vineri-13 le terminăm. Ploaia s-a oprit peste Bogdănești, drumurile-s desfundate pentru cât mai multă autenticitate, echipa de la București se pornește la prima oră de dimineață, sarmalele fierb în oală, bateriile-s la încărcat, actorii-și zumzăie replicile-n barbă, iar eu nu pot decât să vă mulțumesc pentru sprijinul prețuit și prietenia pe care ne-ați arătat-o. (ampania continuă pentru încă o săptămână, suntem aproape de 50% - link în bio) #1max2film #shortfilm (at Bogdanesti, Vaslui)

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CFF3 aftermovie

Job done, around 3000 people attended all 11 events (screenings, exhibitions, parties). Onward to some of that good old quick and emotional film reviewing.

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On leave, for CFF3 related business

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Embrace of the Serpent – Ciro Guerra – 2015

Revisiting the Amazon after being introduced to it by Herzog’s films is always gripping. The story’s equilibrium and its balanced tone is impressive, as is the raw impact of the photography. Almost surreal to the eyes. A kid will probably look at it and say it’s a fantasy film.


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