Aaand today, in the missed opportunities' news, we continue our 2020 march to God-knows-where with a response from the European Cultural Foundation, in regards to a financing call where I registered the Important Videoshow

Dear Bogdan Stamatin,

Thank you very much for your application for the first open call of the Culture of Solidarity Fund.

We were delighted to see so many strong applications that relate to the call criteria, reinforcing a culture of solidarity in Europe. However, due to the exceptionally high volume of incoming proposals and our limited financial resources we had to make difficult choices. 

We regret to inform you hereby, that your proposal was not selected for a grant in the Culture of Solidarity call. Unfortunately we cannot go into communication about any individual proposal assessments, seen the overwhelming number of applications. We thank you for your understanding.

The hope-fever inducing paragraph follows swiftly:

We would also like to call your attention to the upcoming second submission round of the Culture of Solidarity Fund, which will open on 22 June. You are welcome to resubmit your application or apply with a new project.