Danish officer in Afghanistan (sounds like a joke already) deals with problems of war while wife and children back at home deal with problems of running a family. One day, amidst a firefight battle, the officer calls for an air strike that saves his platoon but, unknowingly to him, kills 11 civilians.  

Moral-dilemmas ensue. Officer is prosecuted, called back home. He feels like admitting that he ordered the strike without seeing who’ll be targeted. Wife (blame it on the women!?) reminds him, vigorously least to say, that his duty is with his family & kids, that what’s done is done. From this point on, film turns into court-drama, with the same old court-drama dramas and drama-queens. Will the good officer cover the truth, or go out in the open, letting the truth shine?

The story lacks teeth partly because the values at stake, family / truth, are touched unimaginatively, literally and simplistic.