Ladies and gentlemen, greetings from Copenhagen! 

It’s with immense pleasure that I introduce you the two new members of The Important Videoshow’s team, the young and talented Bertan Cómert and Márton Borzák!

Mr. Cómert is 22, comes from Germany, and is the show’s dedicated location manager - turning slowly into an executive producer. Mr. Borzák is soon to be 28, comes from Hungary, and he’s the show’s new hot-shot graphic designer.

Season no. 4 is already ten episodes into the making, and the Premiere date, although not settled, is right around the corner.

On that bombshell we say good-bye, while me and Alex Bălă, the show’s original score composer, ask for your kindness in giving a warm welcome to our newly grown international team! 

Kind regards,
Bogdan Stamatin