Dear friends of the I’mportant Videoshow,
we’re here today to say thank you. 
And farewell!

Three years and 83 episodes later, the web series asking people for the answer to a simple question - “what is important?” - is entering a second phase.

We’re going to pause the show. 
We’ll let the episodes age for ten years.

When we come back, we’re going to film the same people, hopefully in the same order. We will record their experience while we make them watch the episode in which their ten year younger version starred and gave answer to what he or she thought was important. 

In that light, immediately after, we’re going to ask for their comments on their old opinion and present them with the same but slightly different question: “Is it still important?”

In order to let oblivion take hold and surprise take effect, during the following week we’re going to make all the videos private on our Vimeo & Youtube channels, and gradually re-release them in front of their original star, as the episode turns 10. So if you wish to give them all one more spin, now’s the time!

We leave you with a song recommended by one of our stars (hi Lisa Marr!) and we Thank you all so very much. It’s been such a silly, jolly ride!  

Forever yours,
Alex, Márton, Bertan, Gourab, Mélody and Bogdan